Welcome to Clubs

Clubs at PHHS

For further information on clubs, contact  Karen Watson

Archery - Mr. Desbarbieux

Ski Club - Mrs. Hewgill / Mr. Atanasoff

Smuggler's Notch Ski Trip - Mr. Atanasoff

Robotics - Mr. McDermott

Running - Mrs. Wallace

Improv - Mrs. Foster

Music / Orchestra - Mr. Vining

Reading Club - Mrs. Harnden

School Reach - Mr. Spencer

Cage / Ping Pong - Mr. Atanasoff

Fitness Club - Mrs. Kococinski

Environment Club - Mrs. Coughler

GSA - Mrs. Foster

Audio - Visual Club - Mr Vining / Mrs. Dooley

Photography Club - Mrs. Russell

Star Wars Club - Mrs. Foster

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